Location. Location. Location.

By Maureen Kasdorf

If you’ve ever looked for a home, you recognize this market mantra. You can paint and repair, but you can’t alter the where.

The real estate market is exciting. As a buyer you have to prioritize your goal: price, quality, place and timing. Looking can be stressful. Asking for wisdom and discernment about where is vital.

As we look for our “dream house” we must remember that we are on mission in this world. We need to listen to where God is sending us. Place matters to God. Throughout the Old Testament God sent people to specific places. He said to Abram in Genesis 12:1, “leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” Your where is essential.

Paul was also concerned about place. His missionary journeys were not sight-seeing tours nor did he travel willy-nilly. He went where he was sent and believed that each time God lead him to the where. In Acts 18 Luke tells us that Paul went to Corinth in spite of the opposition there. In verse 9, Jesus tells Paul not to be afraid because, he has “many people in this city”. So Paul stayed, because Jesus told him to, not because the climate was favorable. And when God told him it was time to move Paul listened and promised, “if it is God’s will I will return.” Even though others begged him to stay because it was going well.

Do we listen when God tells us where?

God has people strategically placed to further the gospel. If we believe that, then we go where and stay where He sends us. For our good and His glory. Location is part of the mission and as such we need to submit our house wants to the location of God’s mission. God sent Paul where He needed him—not because it was safe or comfortable.

Do we have the same sense of place? Missionaries abroad feel a tremendous sense of place in their call. What about us here in Wauwatosa and Milwaukee?

Let us listen, and with the heart of Paul, ask “where Lord?” in spite of what the market or the opposition might say.

Do we trust Him enough to submit to His where?

And trust that He will provide the how?

Lord, give us ears to hear and hearts to respond to let you direct our where.