God With Us

By Cora Alles 

My hands are glued to the steering wheel and my eyes to the road. I forget how cramped my right leg is, I tune out the Christmas music on the radio, and my senses are heightened. I am totally focused on the highway ahead of me. As a snowy, rainy, icy mixture pours down and darkness surrounds my little Honda Accord like a thick cloak, I feel fear creep into my mind. What if my windshield wipers stop working and I can’t see anything? What if another driver loses control and crashes into me? What if I slide off the road into a ditch?

This situation seems to justify worry and fright, especially since I had just begun the 8-hour drive from Wauwatosa to Lexington, Kentucky. However, God sometimes uses scary situations to remind us of core truths.            

As I continued the treacherous trip, I prayed and my heart calmed. God knew my exact speed, the drivers of the cars near me, and the thoughts running through my head. He was with me, and I knew that whatever happened was in His hands and His perfect plan. Psalm 34:4 came true for me that day: “I sought the Lord and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.”

One of my favorite prophecies that Jesus fulfilled is found in Isaiah 7:14 where Mary’s child is to be called Immanuel. This name is Hebrew for “God with us,” a wonderful summary of the Christmas story. God cares about the details of our lives and loves us so much that He sent His son to take on human form and ultimately sacrifice His life for us.

Another name for our Savior is Prince of Peace. The Holy Spirit is God Himself living inside each believer so that we can have unexplainable peace!

The next time you find yourself overcome with fear or worry, remember that Jesus is Immanuel and Prince of Peace. He is with you always, and His peace is readily available when you call on Him.