Comfort in the Unchanging

By Brooke Fossell

This year has been a time of transition for the Fossell household. Mike and I are empty nesters, as all four of our sons are living elsewhere. I finished school and began a chaplain internship. Our last remaining pet died. Since I couldn’t bear the empty house without SOME life, I got another parakeet. We’re looking at more change in the coming year. Two of our sons are engaged to wonderful young women, with weddings planned for this December and next June. I’ll be looking for a more permanent work situation when my internship ends in February.

Each of these changes means a change in the rhythm of our days and adjustments in how we do even the most basic things. Learning to cook for two instead of a family of big eaters. Deciding what to do with our evenings with only the two of us. Shopping for groceries (we don’t need the mega-sized bags of chicken anymore). Deciding what to do with the empty bedrooms. Helping our new parakeet adjust to our household. For me, getting used to a normal, eight-hour workday rather than classes that only take two hours. Supporting our sons while they plan weddings with their fiancées. Trusting God for direction with my future job (Where will it be? What will it be like?).

With all these changes, my quiet times are a sweet reminder that God is unchanging, even while  I’m getting reacquainted with how to do life when it is always changing.  Hebrews 13:8 reminds me, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Every one of God’s attributes is unchanging: his love, faithfulness, compassion, mercy, goodness, holiness, and patience, to name a few.

When I struggle to adjust to the many changes in my life, I can rest in the grace and reality of God’s unchanging character. I can be confident that no matter what is happening, he will guide me and invite me to walk with him, to trust in his good plan for my life and his provision for everything I need. As his child, I can rest in the care of my heavenly Father, confident in the constancy of his love. I’m thankful for this relationship, a true source of rest and peace.