In Every Season

By Hannah Barbeau and Abby Barbeau

When we were asked to write for this blog we initially tried to think of one memory that captured the lessons we learned from Meadowbrook. But it didn’t take us long to realize there were hundreds of memories to choose from. 

We remember our young years...

Mrs. Mackett’s hearty laugh, VBS story time, adventures in the old school building, FISH play rehearsals, the Old Testament book jingle.

We remember middle school...

Finally entering youth group (with high schoolers!), carpet ball, worship dance parties at Timberlee Camp, “big” church with parents, playing in the Christmas Eve orchestra, writing and sharing our testimony.

We remember high school...

Volunteering in the nursery, engaging in deep conversation with our small groups, coffee at Cafe Koinonia, singing on the worship team, teaching 5K Sunday School.    

We remember our college years...

Returning to a community that has known us our whole lives and discovering that people have prayed for us every day since we left.   

Meadowbrook has been there through it all: from birth to 18, in every season good and bad.  In fact, we cannot remember a time when it has not been in our lives.  We realize Meadowbrook’s consistent presence throughout our lives exemplifies God’s constant faithfulness.          

God has been there through it all.  He was attentive toward our 4-year-old selves eating animal crackers in Sunday School.  In middle school, He was loving toward us when we doubted His existence.  He is now actively involved in our lives as we look for a church in Chicago. God has followed us through different addresses, schools, jobs, and relationships.  And whether He’s been in the forefront or the background...He’s always been with us.     

If you look back on your life we think you will arrive at the same conclusion as we have: God is faithful.  And so, whatever season you find yourself in now, whether He feels near or far, God is actively engaged in your life as He has always been. 

God was there. God is there. God will always be there.  

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


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