Café Renovation Update!

The Café Is Open!


The smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee beans.  A relaxed atmosphere filled with the rustling of quiet conversations and close relationships. There is so much more to a coffee house than just coffee … there is fellowship.

"Koinonia," comes from a Greek word that means to share in something, to participate, to have unity and togetherness, or fellowship. Whether you are new to Meadowbrook or have been coming for years, Café Koinonia offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere and serves as a way to make visitors feel welcome.  It emphasizes our commitment to community.  It is a great place to hang out with new people and close friends.

Café Koinonia serves a variety of hot coffee choices beginning at 8:30AM.  After 10AM you can also find iced drinks, baked goods, tea and lemonade available until closing time at 11:45AM.  In addition to all those choices, you can sign up to become a "Coffee Club" member, receiving monthly your own stash of our Meadowbrook Blend. Café Koinonia serves the best Stone Creek Coffee has to offer as featured in our monthly coffee selections.

Café Koinonia is FREE. We want visiting people to feel welcome and nothing does that better than a free snack or beverage. That being said, Café Koinonia is a self-sustaining ministry and donations are always welcome! Your gifts and donations provide for the visitors and guests of the church and for that we thank you for your participation in the on-going ministry of invitation at Meadowbrook Church. We look forward to seeing you in the Café!

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